Essay On Bosnian Genocide

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There were an estimated 200,000 people who were killed between 1992-1995 in a genocide commited by the Serbs against the Muslims, and Croats in Bosnia. On top of this, another 2 million Bosnians were displaced from their homes and placed in dangerous environments. Three main groups fought each other within the country, Bosnian Muslims, Serbs, and also the Croats. This was a horrible and important genocide that killed thousands of people between 1992-1995. Like the Nazi’s cleansing Europe of it’s Jews, the Serbs aim was the ethnic cleansing of any Muslims or Croatian presence in Serbian territory. This stage was called classification because the Serbians were classifying them of their race and that's what started this horrible genocide. There plan of attack was in five steps, their first step was to urge Serb residents to leave the city while surrounding the town with artillery fire. The second was to execute the leader and intelligence of that town, third was to separate the women, children, and old men from those of fighting age. Then they would send women, children, and also the old men to concentration camps or national borders for the fourth step. Then for the final step they would execute the men of fighting age.
The Serbs, who opposed the creation of a Bosnian state within their territory, began to bomb major cities
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Due to these incidents, many of the female captives lost all of their strength and suffered from a number of sexually transmitted infections. The number of Bosnian refugees in Yugoslavia reached 1.4 million by November 1992, and this number grew as the genocide went on. This was important because a lot of Bosnians were pushed out of their homes and never could return. This was the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War
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