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Chapter 1: Getting Started

Before getting into the details, it is important to reflect on our history. Most think of our human ancestors were nomads, but by the Late Sto¬ne Age, humans were using fire and making tools for various purposes, and thus, settling down. The bow and arrow was one of the tools made for hunting. The oldest known arrows have been found in Africa and are roughly 40,000 to 25,000 years old. The humans progressed gradually and started using wooden arrowheads, fire-hardened stone and flint with feathered shafts.

Archeologists and historians have identified arrows from various countries which dated back to 11,000 B.C.! All of this set a benchmark for modern bow hunting and the equipment used earlier is used now with better engineering and several
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in the 1920s, and by the 1950s, Fred Bear, Earl Hoyt and Ben Pearson developed non-expensive, excellent grade bow hunting gear for the masses. The three men recorded their hunting videos, educated people on the nuances of bow hunting and had sparked interest in the population with regards to bow hunting.

The modern day arrow shafts are manufactured from wood, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon and carbon/aluminum integration. Arrow heads or points of different properties can be picked based on the archer's needs. Bullet, judo, blunts and field points are used for casual, recreational and training purposes. The Bowfish points are utilized for bow fishing whereas the broad heads and other types like fixed blade, removable blade and expandable blade are used for hunting.

Modern bow hunting takes its roots from the original; the difference exists when it comes to equipment. Modern day equipment is far more advanced than primal instruments. Today, there are several varieties of bows, arrows and arrowheads to choose from:
• Traditional bow – Well known as the longbow. It is very basic with simplified design. The bow is straight until it is strung; then it

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