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Bowfishing tournaments under attack

Bowfishing is a fast-growing, but little known sport that is seeing a large trend occur as people are coming from all around to enjoy bowfishing tournaments. Bowfishing tournaments bring the best hunters from around the globe to engage in a series of events to find the best shooters, fastest shooters, and more. Bowfishing is exciting and enticing, but many local residents of the bowfishing tournaments aren’t sharing the same love as the hunters.

Bowfishing and Neighbor Frustrations

What bowfishing tournaments do bring to some areas is a number of river boats with loud engines, spotlights, and hundreds of fishermen all set on winning the prize. For small towns, the excessive number of people to the area can be overbearing. The small streams and lakes are behind homes, which means the riverboats are keeping people awake at night and the spotlights
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Large scale competitions can lead to serious problems for native fish populations as hundreds of fish can be taken out within a few days. Bringing bowfishing teams of 275 or more teams can destroy a lot of native fish populations in lakes and streams, which has a number of people concerned about the risk of native fish populations completely destroyed.

Animal Rights Groups and Bowfishing Controversy

One particular bowfishing tournament in Maryland was brought into the spotlight as bowfishers were hunting stingrays, but some of the rays happened to be pregnant. Each state does have separate requirements regarding the hunting of fish with bowfishing. In Texas, there are clear regulations about which game are eligible to be hunted with bowfish gear. Other states are bound to follow suit with accurate regulations pertaining to bowfishing and which fish can actually be hunted.

How to Bowfishing Regulation of America Is Stepping
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