Bradykinesia Research Papers

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Bradykinesia, a disease that could ruin your life. This disease causes a person to gain, slow movements, and even freeze up sometimes ( Bradykinesia causes a person to lose dopamine in parts of their brain. When you lose dopamine in the brain it causes you to slowly gain the symptoms of this disease (HealthLine). Even though there are many setbacks to having bradykinesia, it can be helped slow down and stop some of the symptoms. Bradykinesia can come from another disease called Parkinson's (PD). Parkinson's Disease is a disease that can develop over many years. Nobody knows of the cause yet, but there are many treatment options that can help relieve the symptoms. PD is not a fatal disease, but there are many complications to it that makes it a deadly disease. The CDC ranks the complications to Parkinsons to be the…show more content…
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