How Does Technology Affect The Brain

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With so many years in neuroscience and based in hands on experimental neuroscience, the brain requires challenges to develop and to mature. The brain requires external senses to be activated and go beyond in order to maximize the capabilities of our brains. Over the last two decades in particular and the industrial invasion, technology has been replacing people. The prediction is that the industry will continue to grow to the degree that a computer master mind will be capable of operating in its own. The growing and future generations are not challenging or using the brains as much as past generation did. Even back then, we were told we only using 20% of our brains. The past generations since childhood used to retain knowledge and memorialize…show more content…
We used to write directions and reach our destiny with both the written instruction and the three dimensional mental navigation. Nowadays, with GPS system, we do neither write direction nor develop the 3-D mental navigation. We ask the technology to do so. In other words, we are becoming brains dependent on technology. What would happen if technology fails or failed us? The critical thinking for manual intervention and skills will be so much diminished. It is part of being dependent fully in technology. The brains will be victims of technology. The future will be forced to surrender to technology and the powerful authorities and nations leading the technology. The minds will be chasing the technology instead of technology chasing our needs. The GPS made direction easier, accurate, and faster and improved our global navigation. Technology improved human safety and minimized human injury. Even in the wars, bomb and planes directed without humans seem the future. It is already reducing the human causalities. Therefore, as leaders and responsible visionaries, we should encourage and not suppress the human brain challenges as we currently put our resources in improving the artificial intelligence. Industry improved our lives but in the other hands polluted our atmosphere and increased
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