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The truth is that our lives have been severely adjusted according to the needs of nowadays society. To keep up with the technology of today (and to contribute to its further development), we are trained to sacrifice our leisure time, weekends and lots of sleepless nights in order to get the job done. Regardless of our age, the only question we are usually asked is whether we completed the task we were given or not. But we are humans. We adapt continously.
Brainwave entrainment
Imagine being able to adjust your mind according to your needs, by using your headphones only. You have to rest? Don't worry, there is a perfect sound to get you relaxed. You're over your head with the work you have to do? There is a way to optimize your focus and stimulate
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Monaural tones (or monaural waves or monaural beats) are produced by mixing two separate tones of same frequency before they reach the ear. Unlike the other two, they occur in nature, although they can also be produced digitally. Because the two tones are mixed externally (and not inside the brain), listening to these does not require headphones, as it is the case with the binaural beats. Some studies have shown that, in terms of brainwave entrainment, monaural tones are five times as efficient as binaural tones! Binaural beats are produced by playing two separate tones of different frequency to each ear. For instance, when the 510 Hz tone is played to the right ear, and a 516 Hz tone is played to the left ear, their difference will be experienced by the brain as a pulsating beat of 6 Hz, which falls under theta waves, suitable for deep relaxation and meditation. These might be less effective than the monaural tones in terms of brainwave entrainment, but they are far more pleasant to listen. The downside is that, because two separate tones must be played to each hear, this method requires usage of

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