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Brand image simply means the general impression of a product carry by real or future consumers. Brand image play in a role that creating satisfaction of the consumers. Foxall and Goldsmith (1994) proposed that the recognition of the customer about the characteristics of the product and service is influenced by the perceptions about the brand and branding. Building up of brand image is an important matter for a company as it is a powerful recognition for its own product in the product market. Keller (1993) defined the brand image as “the brand relations preserve in consumers’ mind causes the assumptions about a brand.”
Arslan and Altuna (2010) proposed that the product brand image is negatively by brand augmentation, but negative effect is reduced by the relation between the original and expansion brand. The good brand image will be fall due to the brand expansion if the image and the quality of the brand are good and matched as well. Pina, Matinez, Chenatony and Dryry (2006) proposed that the assume quality of the expansion is being affected by the degree of the relationship between the corporate brand and service extension which as a result affect the corporate image particular for those corporate brands which have very high rated images. Expression relationship is useful at abstracting the positive images and holistic impressions but is helpless in
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It has been measured based on assign (i.e.koo, 2003; Kandampully & Suhartanto, 2000); brand benefits/ values (i.e. Hsieh et al., 2004; Roth, 1995; Bhat & Reddy, 1998) or using (Malhotra;s, 1981) brand image scale (i.e Faircloth et al., 2001). In Keller’s (1993) conceptualization of brand image, it is considered discernment about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumers’ memory. From Keller (1993), attributes are “descriptive features that characterized a product or

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