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Bread is a food that can be used for thousands of different things. It can be used to make a sandwich, as a side, desserts and even breakfast. However, this useful carb has to be made a very specific way or else it will not be right in the end. The process may take a while, but in the end it is most definitely worth it! Bread dough starts as a sticky, formless substance, and after being baked it becomes a hard snack with a soft inside. Bread has been a famous delicacy for thousands of years. In my project I am going to figure out how and why the dough’s form changes and if there are other ways to successfully make bread using different recipes. To begin the process of baking bread one must gather all of the ingredients. The most common ingredients in baking bread are flour, salt, sugar, margarine, warm water, and yeast (The Science of BREAD). There are other substitutes for this simple recipe like using baking soda. After adding all of the ingredients together one by one, you are left with an ooey-gooey substance. Now this substance must sit and rest while it rises, or ferments (Planets in a Bottle - more about yeast). The one very important ingredient that makes this happen is the single-celled fungus, yeast (Science of Bread: Bread Science 101 | Exploratorium). One might think that it would be very gross to have a fungus in there food, but this…show more content…
It does take some time, but it only uses a small amount of ingredients and in the end the wait is definitely worth it. If one does not have the proper yeast for baking bread, then it is possible to use baking soda, but then you would have to use an acid to balance it out (Science of Bread: Bread Science 101 | Exploratorium), and the final product tastes very different then what is made with the yeast. Now that I know the chemical background of the making of bread, I can explain how bread rises and how it changes forms from a gummy substance to an airy

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