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A very good morning to SK Kepayan’s Headmaster Mr Jonathan Deguzman, Senior Assistant 1, Madam Teo Poh Siang, Senior Assistant of Student Affairs Mr Haji Abdullah Bin Muhammad, teachers, my fellow alumni of SK Kepayan and students. I want to thank you Mr Jonathan for inviting me today during the school Entrepreneurship Day and it is an honour for me as the alumni of the school to give a talk about ‘Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day.’ As a primary school I am aware that most of the students in front of me now skipping their breakfast almost every morning. I can say that because I was a student before and in my mind breakfast was just a wasting of time. I better used my breakfast time to sleep more or to go to school earlier so I could play with my friends. However,…show more content…
'Fast' is when you don't eat food, and all during the night you have been sleeping and not eating. Breakfast provides the energy your body requires in order to perform activities. Therefore, you’re not so tired and can do more. It kick-starts the body into producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat, helping to shed the pounds. Eating a good breakfast keeps you full for longer and may make you less likely to reach for snacks. A healthful breakfast jump-starts your day, provide an opportunity for nourishment and self-care and may significantly influence your moods, energy and abilities for the remainder of the day. So in other words, breakfast means you break your fast by eating. Your stomach will be very happy about it and your body will be able to use the food to get the energy going, and send you off to school all fuelled up for the day, well at least until morning break! By eating breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and get your engine humming, burning those calories you need to burn to lose weight. Unfortunately still many of us do not realised why breakfast is the most important meal of the

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