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Effective symptom control is quiet difficult without effective communication. Almost invariably communication in-between patient and the physician is the central part of the therapy.
Bad news are the information that may have a harmful effect on patient’s life at present or in the future. Breaking bad news is a frequent and difficult task for every physician, independent of her or his specialty. It is particularly common in the oncological setting that life-threatening and life-limiting diagnoses are frequently given to the patients, such as newly diagnosed cancer or unwantedprogresses of anexisting cancer. The quality of the delivery of bad news to patients seems to be directly related to patients’ stress and anxiety, their adjustment to
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It is obvious that the doctor – patient relationship is based on trust and honesty but in few cases if clinician disclose the worst prognosis of the disease to the patient, he or she might not believe him and unfortunately taking wrong steps which could be more harmful for the patient.
Factors that should be reviewed before disclosure:

1. Patient’s factors: patient may not be able to tolerate the initial trauma due to her current physical condition and co-morbidities, like fatigue, hearing difficulty, poor eye sight, dementia, etc. she could be in a denial mood. Her anxiety and depression can worsen the situation.
2. Professional factors: Breaking bad news is an essential skill for all doctors. Incompetent knowledge, exhaustion, personal difficulties, behavioral beliefs, and subjective attitude, like personal fear of death can affect doctor’s ability to convey bad news sensitively [5]. Also apart from doing a thoroughhomework on the patient’s disease status, emotional status, coping skills, educational level, and support system available are also reviewed before trying to break the bad news [4].
3. Disease related factors: As nobody really know an individual patient’s prognosis, especially with life limiting illness, thus patient may put them in to another acute on chronic exacerbation or superadded

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