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Among women today, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed. While dealing with the physical aspects of this condition, the psychological aspects can have an equally lasting effect on those diagnosed. Even for women that have gone into remission and have had a mastectomy, there can still be severe emotional and psychological trauma that keeps the client from functioning to their fullest capacity in everyday life. Breast reconstruction helps women recover from the psychological toll that surviving breast cancer leaves behind. This is achieved through two main avenues; an autologous procedure or implants. No matter which reconstruction option the client chooses, it is important for the nurse to have a clear understanding of how to care for the client. Each procedure has its own set of possible complications that the nurse will need to monitor for, as well as pay attention to risk factors, and assess learning…show more content…
Smoking is a huge risk factor because it impairs the healing process. Some plastic surgeons will even think twice about operating on a smoker because it can lead to bad results (like loss of a tissue expander). Client’s with diabetes, hypertension, or a BMI greater than 35 are also at risk for postoperative complications. Some client’s will still be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation and will need to be monitored to make sure their treatments are not causing any adverse reactions. Not every client is prepared to undergo breast reconstruction as soon as they are made aware of it. They may need time to think about it or may need to finish other treatments prior to the procedure. Not many women know or understand that timing is vital because it influences the options available to them. As a result, some client’s may have a delayed reconstruction which can occur months to years after a mastectomy. The longer a client delays breast reconstruction, the higher the risk for

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