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Beam bridges can be defined as the bridge spans with the simplest structural or anatomical forms. They are supported by a pier or a dock at each of the ends. The support is further enhanced using props or simply beams. They are meant to increase the support. The beams are said to be simply supporting the structural forms since there is no conveyance of moments all through the support. Bridges can be made in a simple manner depending on what they are used for and the place where they will be used. Examples of very easily constructed bridges are clapper bridges where a stone slab or wood plank is laid across a river and log bridges where a log is used as the bridge and placed across a stream. However, these methods have become outdated and with…show more content…
The H-shaped beams will be more preferable in this case since; the beams will be able to with stand the shear forces and stress exerted by bending and through shear loads. Due to its shape, it is able to provide efficient support at the top and at the bottom. Its however disadvantaged in that, it is not efficient in carrying torsion as there is preference of hollow structures in this case. The beams are made of steel, which is the most ideal material for use.
The load exerted on the beams will be caused by; the load from the self weight caused by the deck, loads resulted to by the live loads, weight exerted due to car skidding as well as effect of braking and horizontal loads as a result of temperature and movements such as wind. Due to this reason, the beam should be strong enough to carry the load. The design shape of the beam will be as shown below.

There are a number of forces that will act on the beams and the bridge thus the beams should be constructed in a way they will be able to

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