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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION: As there is rapid development of society, there are some bad effects including the increasing number of accidents. It is found that on average one out of every three motor vehicle accidents results in some type of injury. There are number of solutions proposed to avoid the problem. We have avoided as well at some extent but still we can’t avoid it completely. Many lives are lost due to improper post-accident signalling and tracing out the exact location. Also there is the loss of life because of the delay in the arrival of ambulance to hospital in the golden hour. This delay is due to the waiting of the ambulance in the traffic signals. It would be of great use to the ambulance if the traffic signals…show more content…
It converts A.C. into pulsating D.C. The rectifier may be a half wave or a full wave rectifier. In this project, a bridge rectifier is used because of its merits like good stability and full wave rectification. The diodes used for rectification are1N4007 conventional diodes. Filter: Capacitive filter is used in this project. It removes the ripples from the output of rectifier and smoothens the D.C. Output received from this filter is constant until the mains voltage and load is maintained constant. However, if either of the two is varied, D.C. voltage received at this point changes. Therefore a regulator is applied at the output stage. Voltage regulator: As the name itself implies, it regulates the input applied to it. A voltage regulator is an electrical regulator designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. In this project, power supply of 5V is required. In order to obtain this voltage level, 7805 voltage regulator is to be used. The first number 78 represents positive supply and the numbers 05 represent the required output voltage level. The LM78XX series of three terminal regulators is available with several fixed output voltages making them useful in a wide range of applications. It provides output current in excess of

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