Essay On Out-Of-School Knowledge And Experience

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Bridging In-School and Out-of-School knowledge & experience
In this article we want to define in-school and out-of-school knowledge and experience. We explain how the teacher can make a bridge between in-school and out-of-school knowledge. Also we consider the advantages and disadvantages of them and in the conclusion what should we do in the future for expanding them. In-school knowledge and experience is whatever that the teacher teach to students in the class. Even the students can get experience from their friends or school. But when the bell rings all the students go to their home. So their parents are worry about the classes out of the school that which type of classes they should go. The parents are very sensitive because they should select classes that are according to their children' age and personality. However
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When the students go mailed or music classes, participate in drama or popular magazines and write story or poem so their reading and writing improved. Thus when the teacher become aware of the students' activities can help them to relate the reading and writing with each other. In this case she/he can use the students extra knowledge and make a bridge between in-school knowledge and out-of-school knowledge. In Out-of-school knowledge the students should themselves seek the knowledge and find their interests. Also the teacher gives them freedom that they experience many things and get much knowledge. But acquiring out-of-school knowledge has some disadvantages. All of the students don’t take part in classes out of the school because of some reasons like financial problems or shortage of extracurricular classes. Also every student goes to one type of classes because their manners are different from each other. Therefore the teacher can't consider the method of teaching according to the one type of class out of the
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