Essay On British Culture

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What is typical British? There is no real definition of what typically British is. To be British could simply mean to come or live in the area called Great Britain. However, as in every region, a culture is born. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts . Now, that is the difficult part, because what is the culture in Britain. Stereotypes say it always rains and everybody drinks tea all the time. Nevertheless, can we explain the British culture by one definition? No, it is more complicated than that, because we cannot categorize an entire countries’ culture with a few words. London is the capital of England and have for…show more content…
If one forgets to say their courtesy or stand in the way in the escalator, they will surely tell you. The British are somewhat alike the Norwegians with respecting private life. They also prefer to stand than sit next to strangers, they do not like loud people in a quiet area and do not necessarily interact with strangers. Another typical British characteristic is the pubs, which is short for the word public house. The pups can be seen everywhere and they look gorgeous with their old traditional style. After work, people go to pubs to have a drink or to socialize, and if the pubs are full, they stand outside, which we noticed several times when we were in London. Another part of the British culture is how they are highly affected by a class system. Where the upper class usually keeps old traditions and live in the best living and educational areas, while the working class is considerably larger, and have more foreigners. The reason may be that the working class is facing problems as getting jobs or they have come to the country with nothing and has to start anew, while the people in the upper class have usually inherited the money from their families or been born in an environment where they are able to improve
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