Essay On British Imperialism

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British Imperialism in India More than 40 million people died in India during British imperialism.The East India Company is a company that is ruled by The British, but the people serving are Indians. In 1757 the East India Company troops won over India at the Battle of Plassey. From then they ruled India. In the 19th century the company still ruled, but the British provided them with an army. They wanted India for its raw materials and was known as the Britishes “jewel in the crown”. From then on, British started setting up rules and regulations for India. The British rule lead an unfair government, poverty to many, millions of deaths, and conflicts with languages. British imperialism had a negative impact on the politics of India because of the unfair ruling/structure for India 's government and the transition between governments. The…show more content…
British imperialism had a negative impact on the people of India because of health problems in India and the English language. Lalvani says that the health and life expectancy both improved dramatically when ruling (Lalvani). However, the total deaths due to famine before British ruling was 18 million, but when the British ruled there was a total of 40 million deaths due to famine or 58.73% of the population (Doc 11). This shows that the British didn 't care if people were dying, they only cared about making money off of them. Lalvani also claims that the spread of English language allowed communication between people from different backgrounds (Lalvani). But, when the British were ruling, people who could read or write increased 2% every 10 years. the British left India, every 10 years the percentage increased by 10%. The British did not help the people learn the English language, they wanted a small amount of people to learn it so those people could talk to all the people they govern. The millions of people dying due to famine and the disadvantage of language all lead to the Britishing giving a negative social impact
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