Essay On British Influence On Hong Kong

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The British colonization of Hong Kong has grown into a more successful and important city. After the second Opium war, the British officially took control of Hong Kong. The British changed people lives in Hong Kong and left a major positive impact. In the essay it would include, the British help improving the economics of Hong Kong, how did British influence Hong Kong on their education and language, also the impact on Hong Kong’s culture. The British has made a significant amount of success through the economy of Hong Kong. Economics in Hong Kong wouldn’t be as advanced as they currently are if it wasn’t for the British. They have given more freedom for further industrialization which as a result attracted more foreigners for investments and financial. “ British rule, Hong Kong is destined to remain a Western-friendly place, drawing expats from many major countries looking for economic opportunity”.…show more content…
British and Hong Kong have actually came to appreciate each other's cultures and blended them into one. “ This may be the reason why many expats find Western comfort in this Asian city, as the British influence is woven throughout the entire society.” (The British Influence in Hong") It’s obvious that Hong Kong culture has changed, even street names were named after some British people and there are some buildings that remained as a some buildings also remained which shows that Which made Hong Kong a mixed culture now. Since Hong Kong have realised and now wanted to respect the British of what they have done. Also there are some buildings that remained in Hong Kong to show that the British was once the controller of Hong Kong. Also for this to be remembered, now in the museums the event of the British colonial of Hong Kong can be found. It also changed what used to be the environment in Hong Kong. The Brits have changed what Hong Kong used to
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