British Imperialism In Hong Kong Essay

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The British colonization of Hong Kong has grown into a more successful and important city. After the second Opium war, the British officially took control of Hong Kong. The British changed people lives in Hong Kong and left a major positive impact. In the essay it would include, the British help improving the economics of Hong Kong, how did British influence Hong Kong on their education and language, also the impact on Hong Kong’s culture. The British has made a significant amount of success through the economy of Hong Kong. Economics in Hong Kong wouldn’t be as advanced as they currently are if it wasn’t for the British. They have given more freedom for further industrialization which as a result attracted more foreigners for investments…show more content…
The British also helped Hong Kong to develop to a steady and more advanced city, and the importance of it. “ In the first two decades of British rule, the provision of educational opportunities for Hong Kong's growing Chinese community ranked very low on the colonial administration's list of priorities.” (Evans 151) Make this a citation form with the names of the author etc.) Even though at first the Chinese were ranked very low, they eventually became equal and accepted the language barrier between the two countries. English became the core language in 1984. “ As Hong Kong has been a meeting place of Chinese and Western culture since the middle of the nineteenth century….” (Pennington 146) The main reason why did English became one of the core languages in Hong Kong is because since it seemed like inseparable of Hong Kong from the British rule even though Hong Kong is already part of China. Even though the most spoken language was cantonese, the written language was English. Also the communication between the government was also spoken in English. There was too much influence in the British that help Hong Kong to be as successful as now. Speaking of language, British has also changed Hong Kong’s culture as
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