Essay On Broken Family

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The divorce rate in Pakistan has increased, due in general terms to people not fully realizing their marital responsibility. In 2010 in Karachi, a total of 40,410 divorce cases were reported in court. In Pakistani social circles, a divorce supposedly brings shame to the family and becomes the defining aspect of the individuals involved.
Family is very important as it shapes our development and personality. The family protects your dignity and takes care of your well being. Family also gives us teachings that guide us through out our lives and these are the values we carry every where we go. In addition, your family comes to your aid during hard times. Family is the building block of a successful person. Family is the first friend; first brick and first memory of a person. It can either make you or break you into pieces.
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We have come across own families and analyze that due to lack of compromises, misunderstandings, intolerance and lack of patience, both parties don’t show concern for their children and due to their intolerance nature they end up their relation as broken family.
We were deeply touched and emotionally disturbed seeing our dear and close one’s going through different stages of life in capsule of broken family whether it is divorce, separation or polygamy made us choose this topic of our thesis.
It is also the belief of the researcher that the findings of this research study will be great benefit to the society in various ways because when the effects of broken homes on the psycho, social and academic accomplishment of the children are known the society will then be in better position to plan ways and means of solving the problem of divorce, broken homes so as to reduce its
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