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Accidents happen and sometimes those accidents result in a chipped tooth. When the tooth is front and center, panic may ensue, but many of your employees may think that a chipped or broken tooth in the back of the mouth, if not hurting, is not big deal. But any tooth that chips or breaks, no matter where it is located, should be evaluated by a dentist, to determine the best treatment option and avoid any further damage or complications.
How to Handle a Chipped or Fractured Tooth
If the obvious has happened and an employee has broken or chipped a tooth, there are a few steps they can take before heading to the dental office.
• Call the dental office and schedule an appointment immediately.
• Cover any sharp parts of the tooth with a piece of
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Like veneers crowns require 2 appointments – one to prepare the tooth and take the impressions and a second appointment to cement the finished crown onto the tooth. Most crowns are made from either porcelain, ceramic, or resin fused to metal, which matches the color of the other teeth in the mouth.
Preventing Broken Teeth
For those employees who are weekend-sports enthusiasts, the Academy of General Dentistry says the best way to protect their teeth from injury is to wear a mouth guard whenever playing contact sports. And many a chipped tooth could be prevented by not biting down on hard candy or ice. So needless to say, your employees shouldn’t use their teeth for tasks that don’t involve chewing food, like opening bottles, holding nails in their mouth or tearing open chip bags.
When employees ask you how much their dental insurance will cover to fix a chipped or fractured tooth, explain to them that before going ahead with any procedure more involved than a modest dental filling, they should request their dentist submit a pre-treatment authorization to the insurance company. This way, there won’t be any surprises; after all, a chipped tooth is surprise
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