Essay On Brutus And Julius Caesar

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In this interview, I will be asking Brutus, Antony, and Cassius questions about their thoughts and feelings about the recent events. Q: Brutus, why did you betray your best friend? A: I truly believe Caesar was going to bring forth the downfall of Rome. He was too ambitious, and no one would be able to stop him if he officially became the emperor. I had to kill him to save everyone. I loved him, but Rome’s well being was more important to me than Caesar’s life. Q: Brutus, what swayed you the most to join Cassius’ plan? A: The thing that swayed me the most was the letters from the people of Rome that my servant found. Their pleading made me really think about what needed to be done. My job was to protect Rome, and that is what I did. Q: Brutus, do you regret killing Caesar? A: Yes, I…show more content…
A: We needed Brutus because he is widely respected. When Caesar was killed, we needed important people like Brutus to keep the people of Rome from killing us. He also was Caesar’s best friend, so it made it easier to kill Caesar. He could get us closer to Caesar. Q: Cassius, why did you flee from Rome after the recent events? A: Antony’s speech turned all of Rome against us. We were not safe, so we left as soon as we could. The last thing I needed was to be stuck in a riot. I needed to gather an army to fight for rule over Rome. Q: Cassius, why did you let Brutus have the final thought for a lot of big decisions? A: We let him choose because we needed him to feel important enough to stay. If he revealed anything about our plan, we would have been killed before we realized what happened. Brutus decided against Cicero joining our group, so I decided we did not need him. It was a small sacrifice to keep Brutus with us. He stopped us from murdering Antony, too. This caused problems because Antony ended up turning Rome against us with his speech at the funeral. Q: Antony, why did you befriend the conspirators at
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