Why Do Buildings Collapse Or Failure Essay

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Why Buildings Collapse or Fail
Buildings and structures are designed to contain and support certain load, the loads mostly be the weight of the live loads and the dead loads. The live loads are like pressure of wind rain and snow, the dead load is the building weight including floor and finishing weight mechanical weight.
The causes of building collapse like in accurate design, constructs faults, excessive loads, failure of foundation and combination of more than cause or natural hazards.
The inaccurate design is completely the structure engineer fault. The constructions faults may cause by contractors not following the code specifications or by using some low quality materials,
The excessive loads such as massive storage load or heavy
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What is the function of the building?
The main function of any building is to protect from the out or surrounding weather whether warming or coldness, also as a residential

Building failure:
The building failure happens or occur when the building loss its ability to perform the function it built for. So, building failure can be categorized to two types 1. structural factor and 2. Performance factor.
1. structural factor which happen because of shape size or the choice of materials, or due to the geometry design, or manufacture error or the improper materials and this type of failure occurs usually in a weak point of errors like edges or corners.
2. Performance factor.
Cause usually the factors lead to building collapse regardless the natural reasons are a human error so it might have found some weak points in any building.
Reasons why building fall down
1. The foundation was too weak
2. The building materials are weak and low material
3. Contractors make mistakes
4. The load is heavier than
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