Essay On Bullying In The Classroom

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Preventing Bullying in the Classroom and Promoting a Positive Classroom Environment
Investigators, has found that bullying is a notorious topic which has great influence on schools in particular primary school and by extension society. Bullying can be defined as unwanted aggressive behaviour which threatens an individual well being. There are many different forms of bullying most prevalent is physical bullying face to face harassment that involves hitting, pushing and other kinds of forces. Verbal bullying is the use of words in negative way that implies harmful comments and name calling. Also cyber bullying is the use of someone else’s private or false information that can be sent via the internet; this can tarnish the victim’s identity. Bullying is severe and imperative issue that should not be taken for granted.
As primary school educator, I have witness several
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One of the skills in Social Studies that I will employ is problem solving skill that is used for issues that have the most appropriate answers. Problem solving skill is most important skill students learn in school and it is profitable for a lifetime. As a primary school teacher, I will encourage the development of problem solving skills in my classroom by utilizing the following steps. Problem identification allows students to identify a problem. Finding possible solutions allows students to reflect and suggest possible solutions. Assessment of the solution allows the students to evaluate the solutions to see which one has the best approach. Decide on desirable approach which allows the students to make a decision on one approach and give a reason for his/her choice. Finally, I will recap the exercise to re- examine the steps that was taken to derive to a solution. As a teacher using problem solving skills enables me to introduce bullying in classroom and allows moving form identification of the problem to
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