Essay On Burberry Branding

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What is branding? What effect does it have on people and especially youngsters? Does it show some kind of social class in the community?What do the multimillionaire brands do for consumer loyalty? What did Burberry do to stand out of the prejudices? An example for companies where they lost a lot of brand value. Do people care about the working conditions for the factory worker the brands they support? Branding was not that big for a few years ago, but nowadays and in the future, it had and will have a huge influence on what we are buying. We get as consumers highly influenced by what we see and what others are buying. Branded things cost often much more compared to non-branded things. We associate a branded thing with a high-quality product, that…show more content…
Bravo was vice-chairman for Saks Fifth Avenue and got a huge influence. In Burberry, he was the person who improved Burberry so it became a huge brand. Bravo took over in 1997, where he re-established the brand and got successfully refreshed the image about Burberry. Burberry annual sales were about £250 million in 1997. He got the sales three times higher after 10 years on Apr. 17. 2008. That’s one of the reasons that he is so respected by the company. He took a huge chance at that moment because it could also be a big failure after the changing he made. The older generation know about the clothing company named Kappa, it was a bit expensive and if a guy has the Kappa polo in different colors in that time it was an indicator that he came from a wealthy family. Now a day we see that brand as a cheap brand, and can only find it in the supermarket like Føtex. Kappa had lost a lot of brand value past the time.It would take a lot of time to change the consumers, for change the impression of the brand. It also requires a lot of money to take that risk because they need to stop cooperating with the supermarkets and come to other better
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