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Abstract When difficult tasks arise and adolescents suddenly lose interest due to being physically and emotionally tired, burnout occurs. This correlational research design investigated the relationship between the burnout dimensions and the Big Five personality. (no. of participants) Filipino adolescents, specifically students from selected private universities and colleges within Metro Manila (____ females, ____ males) with age ranging from18 to 21 years old, participated in this study. The results showed that certain facets of the big five were significantly related to the burnout factors. Key words: Burnout, Big Five personality traits, Adolescents The Big Five personality traits as predictors of burnout among adolescent students When…show more content…
513). Hobfoll (as cited in Idar Wallin, 2010), defines psychological stress as “a reaction to the environment in which there is threat of loss of resources, loss of resources or lack of resource gain following the investment of resources” (p. 6). Resources, therefore, should be given emphasis in order for us to understand this theory. Resources are defined as “those objects, personal characteristics, conditions, or energies that are valued by the individual or that serve as a means for attainment of these objects, personal characteristics, conditions, or energies” (Hobfoll, 1989, p. 516). The focus of this study will be on one of the resources which is personal characteristics. Hobfoll claims that “many personal traits and skills aid stress resistance” (Idar Wallin, 2010, p. 7). According to the study of Grandey and Copanzano (as cited in Halbesleben, Harvey & Bolino, 2009), these personality traits usually influence frequently the reaction of people to stress such as loss and threat. Consequently, how people make use of these resources would either help in their coping mechanisms or lead them to experience

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