Essay On Business Culture In China

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Business Culture in China

For any foreign country to be able to succeed in China, first they must understand the culture and the people of this country, which has become a industrial giant with a growing economy.
But to be able to understand how Chinese do things you need to go back to Confucius time, since Chinese values go way back to this era and this is way they are things such as “guanxi’’ and the fear of “losing face” in a business situation.

China doesn't have a good reputation when it comes to business ethics, according to John Hulpke and Cubie Lau there are some factors that contribute to the ethic problems China currently face, the fact that Chinese tend to do business based on relationships rather than a free and open competition
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Hofstede portraits the Chinese as relatively high in power distance, eager to avoid conflicts, generally collectivistic and usually long-term orientated, the long-term orientated must be mainly because of guanxi.

Redding, Seagrave and Hamilton said that the Chinese tend to do business between themselves and use the Bamboo network of Chinese enterprises as an example, intra-cultural relationships acknowledge to outgrowth superior business successes yet there are other authors that consider this to be only a theory and that Chinese actually do not work with other Chinese companies since they are the competition.

Business Environment in China

The protection of Intellectual property is a very popular problem that China faces due to the amount of people in the country that the government is not able to control, and for companies that operate in a global market the protection of IP is a very important matter, so this may influence in the decisions of companies while considering to enter the Chinese

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