Essay On Bystander Apathy

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In 1968, 79-year-old Eleanor Bradley trips and breaks her leg while shopping on New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Dazed and shocked she calls for help, but the hurrying stream of people simply parts and flows past. Finally, after 40 minutes, a taxi driver stops and helps her to a doctor. The bystanders suffered from a common phenomena that happen when there are too many people around to witness a accident: the diffusion of responsibility. Furthermore, our society may think that someone will be the one to stand out and help that person that needs our help or would they be like everyone else and ignore the situation? What is bystander apathy? Bystander apathy is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. Why…show more content…
Where this argument ends; however, is on the question of people should help in a crisis? Whereas, some are convinced that we shouldn’t have the law because it society responsibility to help others. Others maintain that we should have the law because it will bring kindness to our world. We should care about our society enforcing laws regarding good Samaritans because our society is more violent as of late and has caused the loss of human life. Imagine if our society has this type of law and how different our society would be from what we see today. People need to walk in someone else’s shoes in order to feel what the other person is feeling when no one comes to help them and when they are hurt. Once they get out of that person’s shoes they will know if they were in that position they wish someone would help them. People should care in having this law because when we give to others sets a positive and powerful tone for the day. Giving induces high levels of fulfillment and happiness that radiates an attractiveness others are drawn
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