Essay On C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters

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There are lots of things that are useful to Christians in there walk of faith. Prayer and the reading of the scriptures are considered the primary resources to equip a Believer. But other things, such as scripture memorization, worship music, and Christian literature can have a very positive impact. “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis is a fictional story written in the form of a series of letters. It gives us a look at a demon named Screwtape, who is giving a young demon (Wormwood) advice on how to make his “patient” stumble in his walk of faith. I think Lewis ' s style of writing does a fantastic job of helping the reader recognize subtle deceptions of the Devil. There are several reasons why Lewis ' s writing style is able to do this so well. The first reason is the way he structures his writing. In this particular book his use of flowing the story in the form of a sequence of letters helps accomplish this. Because it 's written as letters by single individual, there is no back and forth dialogue. With only one individual 's flow of thoughts to absorb, no interruptions, and no action, it is much easier to see details, ideas, and reasoning being delivered throughout. Another thing to notice is that because it is in letter form, it is on a more personal level. The converse is one speaking to another, allowing more personal, deep thought to be exposed. This accomplishes a similar goal by allowing the reader to…show more content…
C.S. Lewis is probably one of the greatest Christian writers who ever lived. His variety and depth of works is legendary. But, in this particular book, he does what few authors have done well. No other author has better captured the subtle deceptions of the Devil and helped the Christian (or non-Christian) to understand it in such a clear way. The book brings feelings of disturbance, humor, sadness, and elation. It is convicting and will leave the reader on guard upon finishing it. It is a useful tool for any Christian and will be for many more years to
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