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In this technological age, use of machines and systems is rapidly replacing more traditional means. Take for instance, computer generated imagery, otherwise known as CGI (insert cited definition here). Computer generated imagery is prevalent in a vast amount of the visuals we humans are exposed to, regardless of whether we realize it or not. It has had such a tremendous impact on different industries, such as design, manufacturing, entertainment, business and education. Under the category of entertainment, an example of use of computer generated imagery is that of its use in the video production industry, which includes film, television, music videos and visual advertisements. Undoubtedly, this recent development has led to accelerated advancements…show more content…
The film industry utilizes this technology in ways such as special effects, animations and the creation of characters. The beginnings of the increasing use of computers to create images in Hollywood can be traced back to the 1970s, such as special effects in 1973’s Westworld, a film of the sci fi genre, in which a two minute long sequence used the pixelization process, a computer generated effect still used to this date. It has been theorized that this movie, despite its low budget, offset the start of the CGI “revolution.”( A major turning point in cinema CGI was in the 1982 sci fi Disney movie, Tron. For this movie, a sequence lasting twenty minutes of 3 dimensional graphics was created, yet due to the movie’s lacklustre earnings at the box office coupled with its expensive production costs, much of Hollywood was discouraged from furthering the CGI movement. ( In addition to this, despite the amount of promise the use of computers in creating effects, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thought this to be “cheating”, and Tron failed to receive a nomination for the special effects catgeory. ( The opinion of the academy mirrored the opinions of the majority of not only Hollywood but the general public as
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