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Baking a perfect cake with the right ingredients and a perfect consistency is no less an art. Other than the ingredients, an equally important part of baking a perfect cake is the selection of the right cake pan.
However, picking the proper cake pans is perhaps the most difficult part for achieving the right consistency, appearance, and the flavor of the perfectly baked cake.
Types of cake pans and their features
With a wide range of cake pans available in different size and shapes, it can be overwhelming to choose the best pan for cake baking. To make your selection easier, below are some of the most common types of cake pans available to choose from along with their uses-
Old style/ traditional cake pans
These are the most basic and traditional type of
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The other features of this Novelty cake pans are-

Easy to use and are best for exploring the creative side of your cake baking skills
Saves a lot of time and effort due to high quality material and flat bottoms that makes removing of cake much easier
Cake Rings
Cake rings are very similar to the traditional cake pans with only difference of being bottomless unlike the traditional cake pans. Made of thin metal, the cake rings can slice through the baked cake to create a neat edge for intricate pastries and sweets as well.
They are commonly used for making layered or tiered cakes for various occasions. The other features of cake rings are-
Cake rings features tall sides which is perfect for making layered cakes.
The cake rings are easier to use where bakers simply need to slide the ring up and off once the cake is baked and cooled.
Cake rings are also used as cookie cutters to cut different shapes out of sheet

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