Essay On California Drought

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California Gold
When people think of California gold a picture of California’s gold rush is probably the first thing that pops in their heads. These days most Californians may have a different picture in there head when they think of this. “Let it go California gold”, you can find this on billboards scattered all over the central valley. These billboards show perfectly how these days those words carry a different meaning. Those billboards that you can find scattered all over the valley are referring to peoples’ lawns; why go green when you can go California gold? The past few years have been rough on Californian, as it goes through a historic drought and the effects of this drought have been felt by all Californians. However, for some Californians
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While some people are embracing the California gold, others have become victims of it. The central valley is such a bigger part of California’s agricultural output making it no surprise that it has been so hard because of the drought. Some valley residents have found themselves without running water for months and others face sinking grounds. With increased use in ground water in agricultural these problems will continue to persist and get worse throughout the draft. 2500 valley residents who rely on these seasonal jobs to provide for their families have been hit especially hard. Things like fallowing have help lead to less jobs for these workers. Valley residents have seen many obstacles these past few years and things can only bend so much until they finally break. That is the big question, how much longer can residents in the valley continue to bend in these conditions. People all around the world depend on the central valley as well as the valley residents. Likewise, the valley depends on its residents to keep it producing crops the way it does. Some water regulation and aid systems need to be put in place to help the valley cope with this drought and future
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