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California Kidnapping Laws
Penal Code Section 207-210 – California Kidnapping
See, California Penal Code (PC) Sections 207 – 210 to learn about the laws of California Kidnapping.
The California PC Sections 207, 208, 209, and 210 describe ‘kidnapping’ as the act of forcibly taking another individual against his/her will.
Overview of P.C. Sections 207/208/209/210
Here below are the different forms of kidnapping as per the Penal Code Sections:
Under PC section 207, ‘abducting’ is the act of forcibly holding, taking or confining a person against his or her self-will. By instilling fear and using force, the Defendant moves the victim from one place to another.
Under PC Section 208, ‘kidnapping’ is an offence liable to punishment by
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The fine is up to $10,000. This falls under Section 208 (b).
If any specified crime like murder or anything similar happens during an abduction, the prosecutor has all rights to charge the Defendant using the felony-murder rule with the first-degree murder charge.
If an individual abducts and demands a ransom from the victim’s family then the individual will be liable to lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole, under P.C. Section 209(a).
Under P.C. Section 209 (b) (1), any individual who carries away or kidnaps any person to commit rape, robbery, sodomy, spousal rape or oral copulation will be sent to prison in California’s state prison for a lifetime without the option of parole.
A murder conviction during the course of kidnapping can result in lifetime imprisonment without the death penalty or parole.
If the state supports the Defendant’s request for trial, the Californian law needs a term of detention in the county jail for 12 months, as a clause of
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