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The large state of California stretches almost 900 miles along the Pacific Ocean and the Mexican border. This state is best known for the city of Los Angeles, which is the seat of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. This glamour of the entertainment industry of course comes along with negative elements like substance abuse and mental illness. Read below to learn more:
California’s Substance Abuse Numbers:
Death from drug abuse is the number one premature killer in California. This means that drugs kill more California citizens that homicides, suicides or car accidents. Around 3 million people suffer with illegal drug addiction and eleven die each day as a result of drug abuse. There were 10,327 California citizens killed in drunken driving
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The following are a few of the best such centers within the state of California:
Promises Addiction Treatment Centers:
Promises Addiction Treatment Centers are located all over the state of California. They are a dual-diagnosis treatment center. They work with patients to treat more than their addiction. Promise seeks to discover the underlying disorder, such as trauma, depression or sleep issues that might be causing part of the problem. By treating the cause, Promise Addiction Centers gives their patients a greater chance of long-term recovery.
Beacon House, Monterey Peninsula:
This facility helps their clients recover from their addictions by providing a comfortable, home-like environment. They provide a variety of outpatient and residential treatment options for men and women, aged 18 and older. This center is located on the coast of Northern California and is a picturesque setting for addicts to achieve freedom from their addictions.
The information above will help any California resident who trying to recover from substance abuse or mental

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