Essay On Caligaero's Life

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In the meantime, eight years has passed and Calogero has grown in to a young man who has been visiting Sonny without his father permission or knowledge. Calogero is now part of the Italian gang but Sonny disapproves. Sonny tells C to stop hanging with the boys he hang with because one day they will get him into major trouble and that he should focus on school and stop focusing on the street. Later on, C then meets an African American Girl name Jane Williams and she asked him if he would like to go the movies and C said yeah. C then told Sonny and asked for some advice and sonny let C hold his car for the date. However, Sonny then asked his dad for advice and his father basically disapprovals. That same day a group of African Americans boys was…show more content…
C then went home and his father confronted him because he saw Calogero driving Sonny car. An argument ensures and Calogero stormed out. Later that night the Italian-Americans boys notice that their hang out spot was eggs by the African Americans boys for retaliation for the previous saying. Calogero’s friends plan to strike back by using Molotov cocktails and the friends’ Peer Pressure C to come. Calogero did get in the car with his friends but Sonny then stopped the car and Made C get out and Told C friends to never speak to C again. However, Calogero then catches up with Jane and Jane apologies for the miscommunication and she admitted that Willie did tell her that Calogero was not one of the boys who had beat him up. Jane and Calogero then made amends but Calogero then remember about his friends going to the African Americans neighbor to throw the Molotov cocktails throughout the neighborhood. During the attack an African Americans boy threw one of the Molotov cocktails ack in the car window igniting the remaining bottles and the car blow up. By the time C and Jane got to the neighborhood the car was crash and explosion killed everyone in the vehicle. Sonny then realized how lucky he was because Sonny saved his

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