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Name: Callisto (meaning ‘most beautiful’)

Divine Relationship:
Callisto had no divine parentage, but there are some speculations that she was an Arcadian princess, daughter of King Lycaon of Arcadia. She was a beautiful nymph attending to Artemis, goddess of chastity. She also has a child called Arcus with Zeus, god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods.

Famous Story: Callisto is a very beautiful nymph living in the forests of Arcadia. She is a follower of Artemis, goddess of chastity, which means that she had sworn to keep her virginity, like her patron goddess. However, Zeus had noticed her and had planned to take her virginity by disguising as Artemis. After having slept together, Zeus had appeared
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Not long after, some hunters have spotted the toddler with the bear, taking him away from the bear and raising him in the court of King Lycaon. The child, like the people that have taken care of him, became a hunter. One day, out hunting, Arcus has spotted his mom, a wild beast. He certainly did not know that the bear in front of him was his mother, so he raised his spear to skewer the bear, then suddenly Zeus had interrupted their meeting.
Finally, Zeus had appeared again, taking responsibility of his doings. He had reflected and decided that he should do something between the two his it was all his doings. He had turned the two into constellations in the sky so they will forever be together. They are known to be Ursa Major and Minor, or the big and Small Dipper.

Moral/ Lesson:
The moral behind the story of Callisto is not just one since this famous story had touched upon a number of virtues such as loyalty, courage, love, self-reliance and responsibility. Though, the lesson of persevering through life’s obstacles and believing in the fact that there is a ‘happy ending’ at the end is nonetheless the most outstanding of the
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