Essay On Calphurnia In Julius Caesar

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In act 2 scene 2 of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Calphurnia has a bad dream about Caesar getting murdered. This dream correlated with the Ides of March, which said to beware of the middle of March. Calphurnia tries her best to tell Caesar to not go to the senate. Decius is in on the plan to murder Caesar, so Decius tries to persuade Caesar to go to the senate and succeeds. So Caesar goes to the senate and gets murdered. Decius is more persuasive than Calphurnia because he uses pathos and ethos to challenge Caesar’s work ethic and manhood. Decius also twists Calphurnia’s dream to manipulate him that her dream does not mean anything. The previous night, Calphurnia has a dream that symbolizes death and many chaotic scenes. She exclaims that to Caesar that he should not go to the senate because she believes that horrid things will happen to him. Calphurnia describes her dream saying: “In ranks and…show more content…
She says blood drizzled on the capitol that symbolizes the fall of the capitol and people dying. Calphurnia’s goal is to make Caesar feel scared to go to the capitol. She even goes to the utmost level and stabs herself to try and persuade Caesar to stay. Calphurnia mostly uses pathos to try and persuade Caesar. She wants to to make him feel sad and to make him sad to see her suffer and act distraught. Calphurnia also states: “Caesar, I never stood on ceremonies, /Yet not they fright me. There is one within, (13-14). Here, Calphurnia is trying to say that she usually does not listen to these things but this one has her feeling fearful. But the reason she cannot persuade Caesar is because if her lack of valuable arguments. She only uses pathos and no other techniques to keep him from attending the senate. She tries to make his feelings get to him by showing herself suffering and trying to get her images she had in her dream images to settle in his mind but
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