Essay On Cambodia Genocide

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Unforgettable Genocide

In the Cambodian Genocide between 1.7 and 2 million people died during the 4 years this event happened. People were starving and brutally abused. Leader Khmer Rouge and his men took control of the Cambodian Genocide. Many children were also put in the labor camps also and beaten like the older people. No one was treated differently. No special treatment for anyone.
Were the labor camps where most of the people died? In the labor camps they were forced to eat roots, leaves, and bugs. While in labor camps people were abused and some beaten to death. Innocent people were shot for speaking different languages, or for even showing emotion. “Religious enthusiasts, Buddhists, Muslim, Christian, ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Cambodians with Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai ancestry were all persecuted.” The government didn't want anyone to be different from each other. The Cambodian Genocide was very picky on about
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Ousting the Lon Nol government. “Khmer immediately began to empty the city and country's population into labor camps.” Cambodia’s Prime Minister Norodom Sihanouk adopted an official policy of neutrality. Sihanouk ousted in 1970 by his own general Lon Nol. “Khmers government constitutes “genocide” began shortly after their seizure of power from the government of Lon Nol in 1975.” This lasted until Khmer was overthrown by his own, the Vietnamese in 1978. Khmer couldn't withstand the Vietnamese because there were so many against him.
In the Cambodian Genocide Khmer Rouge and Lon Nol were basically at war. Putting millions of people in danger and most killed. The labor camps and the bombs the Lon Nol dropped over the country killed most. Khmer government power was not very strong during the genocide this is the reason why took over for the time he did. With the adoption of the policy of neutrality, it might have had made the genocide come to somewhat of an
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