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The camel was originated from 4 thousand to 4.5 thousand million years ago during Eocene of the North America Continent. Around 3 million years ago, camel migrated to other parts of the world from the North America Continent. Nowadays, Bactrian camels and dromedary are existed. Domestication of Bactrian camels started 4 thousand to 6 thousand years ago in Central Asia. Afterwards, camels are propagated to the Middle East and China. On the contrast, dromedary’s propagation stared 4 to 5 thousand years ago which is later than the Bactrian camels. Around 2008, there are 16 Bactrian camels and 97 dromedary breeding groups in the world.
Domestication and the use of camels are closely related to human being’s survival and development. Camels are
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However, there are still restrictions on camel milk’s import. Now, the United States has established the American Camel Association and Camel Milk Company, USA, which devote on industrialization of camel milk. At present, the United States has a number of camel milk farms. The former Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia have achieved mechanization milking camels.
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Starting from 2006, our researchers, Doctor of Medicine, Frank Ferrer; Doctor of pharmacy, Fiona Lee, and Doctor of nutrition, Guoxun Chen have been paying attention to camel milk, they found that the nutrition value of camel milk is shocking, which far beyond than other milk and dairy products. Therefore, they focused on the research of camel milk. Meanwhile, our researching team noticed that China has more Bactrian camels than other counties. And these Bactrian camels’ nutrition is far more than Arabi’s dromedary camel milk. Also, the source of camel milk is more adequate.
2009, Doctor of Medicine, Frank Ferrer; Doctor of pharmacy, Fiona Lee, and Doctor of nutrition, Guoxun Chen found the common interests on promoting the prevention of children with autism, helping female against skin aging, against high blood sugar and diabetes type I and type II, and helping elderly's cardiovascular

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