Overcrowded Campus Parking Lots

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Imagine you are running behind schedule due to heavy traffic, but finally arrive onto campus with mere minutes to spare. You avoided road rage to suddenly notice that there is no where you can possibly park. If you have not had the pleasant opportunity to experience such a stressful scenario, then you are very fortunate. However, if you have experienced the hassle of overcrowded parking lots, then you are aware and can relate to the issues of this matter. The campus parking lots are utilized by both faculty, staff, and students for the duration of that day, but by night the lots are as a deserted island inhabited by only those that reside on campus. Shortage of parking spaces on a college campus is a hassle. Campus parking lots should be expanded and limited to various campus attendees as well as the implementation of regulations on parking pass renewals. The first proposed solution to overcrowded campus parking lots is the introduction of a pay to park method. With an obvious exclusion to faculty and staff, parking meters should be installed ideally to reduce the number of idle vehicles on campus. Designated locations with parking meters would help utilize the parking areas for multiple individuals during the educational day. Conflict…show more content…
The expansion of the parking lot would provide extra parking area for everyone. Expanding the parking lot would mean locating and acquiring the land in order to structure the project. The job would require hired hands as well as maintenance. A parking garage would be very ideal, however additional security and maintenance would be required. Parking lot expansion would merely benefit the campus day and render the vast lot vacant after the educational day. Another conflict with the solution of expansion would be the matter of parking during the reconstruction period, and the wait to access a parking
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