Essay On Canada After World War 2

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What made Canada declare War? After the “The Great War” (World War 1) concluded. Canada and many other nations around the world went through many economic hardships. For instance, the great Depression. After the World stock market crashed in New York in the thirties. Many countries were in trouble. Although, the Great Depression did affect Canada. But, it didn’t lead them to World War 2. World War 2 was just a thought at that time. In fact, there were many manifestations that World War 2 is going to strike in not time. For example the formation of the Nazi, the contribution of the Treaty of Versailles, how it affected Nazi Germany, and how Canada became it made its choices independently. But, the question is, how will Canada contribute to the War? Will Canada’s choose to go to war choosing independently or will it rely its choices on Great Britain? There are many examples of these question.…show more content…
After World War, leaders of different countries gathered in Paris to discuss the terms of a peace agreement in 1919. In fact, Prime Minister Borden also fought for Canada to have its own seat in the Paris Peace Conference. The Treaty of Versailles was a document which set out the terms for a peace agreement. In fact, president of the United States of America proposed a “fourteen-point” plan peace and forgiveness. But, France and the Belgian leader wanted Germany to make reparation payments on the damages their country faced during World War 1. Germany had to accept the responsibility for causing the damages. Germany was unhappy with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Also, the germans did not like how much amount they had to pay. The amount that Germany had to pay for the reparation were a whopping $30 billion! Germany had a hard time paying the reparations because it was also at the time of the depression after the stock market collapse. Germany lost a number of
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