American Culture Essay

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Culture of a nation is a term that embodies the artistic, culinary, literary, humor, musical, political and social elements that are representative of that particular nation.From the history we know Canada's culture was specially influenced by the British and French culture and lately by the American.As America is a neighbor country to Canada,they share a large common border.Because of sharing a large border,migration and a common language with the United States, Canada faces a cultural difficulty.Global trade opens a gate for both of them to interact culturally through magazine,radio,television program etc.As a result, unfortunately, only 89 percent of magazines sold in Canada are foreign and a large amount of them are American.

I think
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Levying extra tax on foreign magazine to protect culture from losing is not unfair by any mean.I think If foreign magazines hold a higher price than the local ones,most of the people will buy their domestic magazine.So In order to safe the culture,imposing taxes against foreign magazines is inevitable.

American invasion on Canadian magazine industries would cause the extinction of Canadian writing and a Canadian point of view.So If I were the president of Canada,first of all, I would create awareness among the country-men,if I were in the position of Canadian government.I would consider the one that contradicts with genuine Canadian culture, thoughts and social values as a foreign invasion to the country.A split-run magazine usually contains large proportion of materials that does not go with the domestic culture so I would ban those.And also levy high tax on others that circulate throughout the
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