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Poisonous Animals The cane toad is an invasive species that came from Hawaii to Australia to eat the cane beetles. The cane beetles were causing a big problem as they were eating Australia’s sugar cane. Once introduced to Australia, the cane toad multiplied until its numbers reached up to 200 million. The toad eats snakes and lizards. The cane toad’s main defense mechanism is its toxin. It has parotid venom-secreting glands that are present at all times. Even from the time a cane toad is an egg, it has venom. The venom causes rapid heartbeat, salivation, convulsions, and paralysis. The venom also causes mucous membrane pain, severe eye irritation, and visual disturbances. There are 4 species of Pacific newts- the rough-skinned newt,…show more content…
Tetrodotoxin blocks these flows, causing cells, like brain cells, to not receive oxygen properly. The brown recluse spider is native to central and southwestern states. The brown recluse spider is very poisonous, more poisonous than a rattlesnake. Brown recluse spider venom is toxic to cells and tissues even though it only comes in very small amounts. The venom is a collection of enzymes that causes the destruction of cell membranes, affects blood circulation, causes nausea, vomiting, fever, rashes, and muscle or joint pain. Weak immune systems, especially those of children under the age of 7, are very susceptible to dying because of brown recluse spider venom. Brown recluse spider myths of living in California have no scientific basis. The fat tail scorpion lives in semiarid and arid regions of the Middle East and Africa. The fat tail scorpion’s venom is fast acting and causes paralysis of the respiratory nerves, pain, sweat, salivating, tears, drowsiness, drooping eyelids, neck paralysis and loss of muscle coordination. Iron, Arsenic, and Lead Iron, or Fe, is the 26th element, is Ferrum in Latin. It is a transition metal that is very magnetic. 95% of the world’s metal by mass is iron. Iron is also the primary component in steel. Most of Earth’s…show more content…
Precipitate is solid material that forms when chemical reactions happen. Reagents are basically compounds that react. Temperature, color, fume, and precipitate changes are possible changes noticeable in chemical reactions. Conductivity Testing Multimeters test direct current, or DC voltage, which is a galvanic current. It measures electric charge like a battery. The number you set is the maximum voltage being measured. The black wire is negative for ground. The red wire goes where the measurement location is. The little bump on the battery is positive, so the red wire goes there. If there is a negative sign, then you put the wires backwards. AC means alternate current voltage, which uses less electricity, it plugs into wall sockets and can easily increase or decrease current. Resistance is measured in ohms. Ohms are measured in Ω, or omega. Voltage is measured in volts, or v. Current is measured in amps, or I. Resistance is measured in ohms, or r. For pipes, voltage would be like the water pressure, current would be like the flow rate, and the resistance would be like the pipe size. The equation to measure voltage is V=IR.A variant of this, Ohm’s law, for measuring resistance, has this

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