Essay On Capacitors

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Capacitors are widely known as an electrical component which is mostly found in power supplies because of their capacity to store energy. They are two terminal electrical elements consisting of two conductor plates which are separated by a dielectric material or insulator, i.e., poor conductor material.
They are also referred as condenser they have an ability to store energy in the form of electric charge which produces a static voltage across its plates.
The capacitor consists of parallel metal plates which do not touch each other. The capacitors may be some form of a good insulating material such as waxed paper, mica,, ceramic, plastic or some form of a liquid gel as used in electrolytic capacitors. The shape of
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However, there is a difference in the measurement of those separations. In general capacitors, usually, the plates are in the order of tens of microns. The main thing is that the capacitance depends on the separation between the plates. A simple capacitor can’t have that much larger capacitance because of the limitations of thickness of dielectrics. In super capacitors, the distance is present between the ions and electrodes. This separation is so small that it can only be measured in nano meters. Consequently, the capacitance of super capacitors is in the order of thousands of farads. In future, we can find the super capacitors in cell phone base stations, backup power systems and audio systems. Super capacitors have a bright future on electric grid too. Most of the transmission lines, now days, operate around 90% of their capacity to leave a buffer for power surges. These transmission lines could run closer to its full capacity by the help of super capacitors.
These super capacitors are believed to become an important part for the growing market of micro hybrid cars. Super capacitors could provide power to these cars for stop and also for restart the
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