Car Accident Research Paper

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The inside of a car tire
Your tires are your most important defense against accidents on the road.
It is essential to keep your tires in good shape because not only do they offer a smooth driving experience; they are extremely critical to your safety on the roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that an estimated 11,000 tire-related accidents occur annually, and most are due to poor tire maintenance. According to the NHTSA, regular tire maintenance makes them last longer, improves fuel economy, and enhances vehicle handling. Simple ways of ensuring your tires are in top shape include:
Monthly pressure check
Don’t overload the vehicles as it exerts tremendous pressure on the tires
Rotate your tires every 5000
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What is the Value of Witness Statements after a Car Accident?
When you are involved in a car accident, your accident claim will be easier to prove if you can collect every piece of information regarding the incident. Your claims will get a considerable boost if a third party, unbiased witness who has nothing to gain in your accident claim can testify on your behalf.
Immediately after the accident, your first action is to assess your physical injuries, vehicle damage, and calling for the police and medical services if you require their help. Don’t go about limping in search of witnesses, as this may worsen your injuries and even damage your chances of getting your claims from the insurance provider.
If however, you are not injured to the point of immobility, you can try to gather evidence using your phone camera or a camera to snap and video the accident scene, if available, exchange contact and insurance details with other drivers involved in the accident, and get eye
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Before a witness can be called credible, you need to ask them some questions. This is important because a non-credible witness can do more harm to your case than having no witness. Ask them the following questions:
Did they observe the accident from the beginning to the end?
Was the witness a pedestrian or they were driving when the accident happened?
Did the witness see the accident or somebody told them about it?
Was the witness paying full attention when the accident occurred or they were distracted by an activity, a child, or pet?
Does the witness have a sharp memory? And is their hearing and vision good?
Does the witness appear to be honest?
Where were they standing when the crashed occurred?
Ask them to describe in detail what they saw
Collect the contact details of the witness before they leave.
Other sources of witness statement
If by chance, your accident took place in a place where there are surveillance cameras such as banks, hospitals, ATM, large stores such as Wal-Mart and so on, the external cameras can capture the accident live. If you can access the video feed of this entities, you may be lucky if their cameras picked up the accident as it happened and this can be used to pore your case beyond any

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