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Have you ever had a car accident? Some people may think that car accidents spread in a lot of places especially the places that have find a lot of cars in it. Experts illustrated that car accidents does not always happen because of the huge number of cars in a place. They explained that the most reasonable reason is that some people does not follow the driving rules. Car accident happens when a vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object. Scientists estimated that the highest percentage of accidents (80 %) happens in the crowded roads between vehicles. While the next in raw (15 %) is when the vehicle hits a pedestrian, and the last 5 % is when the vehicle crashes with a tree, traffic light, etc... The National Highway Traffic Safety…show more content…
Plane accidents is more dangerous than car accidents because the number of people on plane is higher than the number of people who ride the car. So when an accident happens a lot of people will die in the plane crash than in the car. Plane accidents may happen on land or in the air while car accidents happen only on land. Plane accident can rarely happen while car accidents are more likely to happen because of the huge number of cars on the road. Planes does have an autopilot while cars do not which can make travelling by plane more safe than travelling by car.

One day my father was driving me to the university while he was talking to someone on his mobile phone. I was sitting next to him holding a book. Suddenly, a car was coming contrariwise to our car and exactly towards us. I warned my father from the speedy car and he realized himself, threw the phone and drove his car away. I took a picture of the crazy driver and the car number and called the police. They asked if I saw the face of the driver because this road had no radar so I sent them the photos I took. I also had a promise from my father that he will not be busy again while driving.
In conclusion, car accidents can be avoided by applying the rules of safety while driving. This will help to reduce the number of accidents and the dangerous injuries People who

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