Comprehensive Car Insurance

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How Comprehensive Car Insurance Works in Kenya

A person can insure almost anything these days: be it a flight to Mombasa, rental property, or a valuable phone. You can even take an insurance cover for your legs or arms if so inclined. For most car owners Kenya, the third party cover is usually the most crucial type of coverage and in it is also required by law. However, this coverage is only limited to damage and physical injuries as a result of an accident. For those who use their vehicles often, stay in a flood zone or park their cars where demonstrations are likely to happen, know that apart from accidents, there are many other ways in which their cars can be damaged. This is where comprehensive insurance comes in handy. A comprehensive
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Higher deductible amounts means you will cover more of the damages before the insurance cover kicks in in case of an incident, but on the other hand this also lowers the overall premium you pay. The type of car you drive also determines your comprehensive insurance coverage rate. A car that has high repair costs or more claims usually attracts a higher premium. Vehicles with various safety features like anti-theft protection however can be eligible for discounts. You can use our car insurance premium calculator to help you determine the premiums you will be paying on your new or used car. Some of the benefits of this type of insurance includes: It covers almost everything including hijacking, fire, natural disasters and road accidents. The cover also covers damages incurred by the third party in case of an accident.

Why Comprehensive insurance is important for private motor owners

This type of insurance covers you and third parties. It also allows you to claim any type of damage to your car regardless of who is to blame. The benefits of comprehensive policies vary between various companies, so it is essential that you check various insurers’ policies before deciding which one suits you. But in most cases the cover usually includes benefits such as: cover for glass and windscreen, stolen or damaged belongings, emergency break down assistance, recovery services, hire or replacement car, the car radio
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Information is the key to any wise decision.
Ignoring guidance and consultation from experts and professionals in the field. With consultation, there are limited chances in making the wrong decision. And in case you don’t seek consultation, be assured that you will end up having the wrong comprehensive insurance cover.
If you own a car and reside in an area prone to theft, as well as natural calamities having a comprehensive insurance cover is the ideal option. With a comprehensive insurance cover, you are assured to up to the last cent compensation in case of any risk resulting to damage of your vehicle or third parties. You should also check the policy on your cover for more details about what your cover does and what it does not cover. Most car insurers in Kenya like Jubilee Insurance, Madison Insurance and Heritage Insurance usually include an excess clause in their policies. This means you will have to pay the initial part of the damage or loss to your vehicle usually up to a certain amount. Note that you cannot claim amounts that are less than the listed excess. The higher the excess amount the lower your premium will

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