Essay On Car Maintenance

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Regular vehicle maintenance and service has become a top priority among car owners. This ascertains the car’s life-span and the car owner’s safety as well. It helps in detecting the smallest defects and prevents it from turning into major issues thereby decreasing any service and/or repair expenses. In addition, if the car is treated well it even contributes towards a healthy environment. For regular car maintenance your car manual or handbook is fit for guidance. However, car owners could also benefit from keeping a basic car maintenance checklist and carry it out on a regular basis. A maintenance checklist It’s important to check the wheels and tyres of the car. For instance, ensure that the tyre pressure is alright at least once a week. If they do not have the correct pressure they may affect fuel and compromise your ease of handling them. Also, keep rotating the tyres probably every 5,000…show more content…
Additionally, it is also deliberating on purging the mandate of maintenance of vehicles in dealership workshops in order to get continued warranty from the car dealer. This could bring car owners some benefits. Preventive maintenance It may be difficult to digest the information on the maintenance and service costs of cars, taking preventive measures seem like a better deal! Thus, ensure a regular check up of the car and invest in a toolkit for preventive maintenance. There is a laundry list available for an in-car toolkit. However, car owners could customize it according to their needs. Other than the list a first-aid kit, energy bars, napkins/tissue, and a blanket are vital as well. In addition, some car owners keep a seat belt cutter, window breaker and maps in the glove compartment. Besides, getting a toolkit one could even download an apt Car Maintenance App that would remind you of the service schedules and provide tips for car maintenance when
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