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Car Photography Tips For Your Online Ad Do you want to turn those boring pictures of your car into much stronger photographs so you could boost your car sales? Poor photos could make your car less appealing for the potential buyer, they will most certainly prolong the selling process and the customers aren’t sure what they’re getting. You don’t need to take expensive lessons on photography and there’s no need for expensive camera to achieve primarily goal: To sell your car, and to sell it fast. You just need to know what to focus on and when to take the pictures. Read the following tips and learn how to take a picture of your car for used cars listing. 1. Prepare your car to look awesome and choose your camera This is really important step…show more content…
And that works just fine if you’ve purchased a smartphone in the last few years, because grainy photos from the older phones won’t get the job done. In the case you have older smartphone, rather use a classic digital camera instead. The photo will be much better than taken on an old cell phone. 2. When and where to take a shot When and where you take photos of your car can make all the difference in your photos. Don’t snap pictures of a car in a full parking lot or in a garage during your lunch break. The sun is too harsh at midday and your photos might look overexposed. Also, don’t take your photos at night, because a camera’s flash is never a good substitute for the sun. The best time to take photos of your car is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. or in the evening hours when the sun is about to set. At this time light has a worm look that enhances the colors in your photo. Choosing the right location for your photo can help the car stand out among the online listings. You should try to find an isolated place or an empty parking lot. The background can either be complementary or very plain. That way, you will allow your car to be the focal point of your photo. If your car is more of a fighter than a regular car, you might want to take a shot with a wider angle to exaggerate the car’s

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