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Every new car that is released, most of the times manufactures include improvements in the design of the car for safety measures or new safety features or improvements in the car driving experience which also include brakes and suchlike. Some of the main known safety features are seatbelts, invented by a Volvo engineer ,Nils Bohlin, in 1959 as mentions. Another important safety feature is the airbag invented in In 1971 as, the Ford car company built an experimental airbag fleet and started to improve from there, and the last safety feature I would like to mention is the crumple zone which was an invented by Mercedes-Benz engineer Béla Barényi originally in 1937 but developed more into form in 1952.

So when a car crashes
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A negative aspect of crumple zones the car body mostly deforms in crashes.
No crumple zone
The positive aspect of no crumple zone is there is less damage to car in a collision (in small crashes)(become there isn’t more to the car to crash)
A huge negative point that all car producer consider is that if there is no crumple zone there will be more force on passengers which increased injury/death, and then not a lot of people will buy that car because people look for the best safety and benefits.

Anything related to motion is related to physics and even the safety in motion is important and has an explanation in physics. Now once a car with a crumple zone hits an object, in this case a wall, the head of the object (front crumple zone) will crumple. This means that it will take more time for the car to decelerate which means to reduce or cause to reduce in speed, increasing the impact time. Which you could observe in the equation for Impulse Force, the Force is equal to the change in momentum divided by time as Hyperphysics mentions. This implies that the longer the impact time, the less force acts on the vehicle and its

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