Process Essay: How To Wash A Car

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Washing your car is something that you need to do regularly. You can wash your car on your own or ride it in a car wash center. However, at times, it is better to wash it yourself than having it done with a professional car wash center. A detailed vehicle wash at home can definitely yield specialized results without the expenditure of taking it to be washed by a detailing service or a car wash. Below are some of the tips on hand washing technique one is supposed to use to wash his or her car and they will help in achieving professional results.

Some of the items you need so that you can wash your car at home include buckets full of water and soap for washing the car, car wash sponge or Mitt, shady location and of course your dirty car. Other
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On the other hand, if you would like to wash the car at noon, make sure that you do not do it under the sunlight. This is simply because water will dry out rapidly thus causing mildews and spots. Make sure that you wash it in a shade. Additionally, do not swab your car at night as it is hard to see dirt at this time of the hour. You will also get that washing your car during the night will make water to be embedded on the surface paint hence making it hard for the car to dry.

Secondly, choose a car cleanse that has the best quality on the market. This is important because there are a number of car shampoos available on the market and some of them which are of poor quality can make your car paint to fade. Start washing your car from the top. This is encouraged so that shampoo does not splash on already cleaned areas.

If the wheels of your car are covered in brake dust or dirt, it is good to start by scouring the wheels first. Nonetheless, if you drove your car recently, it is advisable not to wash the wheels especially if the brakes are still hot since the heat will cause the wheel cleaner or soap to evaporate very fast thus causing spotting or in some cases twist a brake

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