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Final Carbon Footprint There are many ways to better sustain and manage an individual through discovering your carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc. I will discuss the initial phase of my carbon footprint, the biggest areas I struggled with, and the success of tracking and changing my behavior. The different phases of my carbon footprint sought challenges, opportunities, and awareness in how to change and develop better habits to efficiently have better co2 emissions over the year. These studies will prove valid the effects of co2 emissions, which can be altered positively because of the carbon footprint. My initial carbon footprint was the basis of learning the highlights of my c02 biggest areas. The first calculations were of my home energy’s c02 that uses natural gas to account for my primary heating source is $300/month equals 40,308lbs of c02. Next, transportation from my household’s solitary car has on average 22 miles/gallon is calculated to have 5,166lbs of c02. Then, my emission of average waste from my household of 5 people is 3,458lbs. The phase 1 of my carbon footprint has proved my home’s energy is the largest part of emissions. The household emissions of c02 from my home…show more content…
I feel it is very important in being aware of the activities and uses of your own c02 emissions. These gases are noticeable in the air we breathe and come into contact with on a daily routine throughout the year. As I plan on implementing these different ways of lower my carbon footprint more and more I have realized my habits have changed. For instance, I watch television less than I did before, empty and recycle my waste, and use fewer lights in the house. Thus, my family and I used these small steps, which saved my family on average of around $4,000 for the
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